2018 Hoyt Double Xl Compound Bow, Like New.

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Fri, 11/02/2018 - 21:48
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Right Handed

Your looking at a 2018 Hoyt Double XL Compound Bow With Top of the line upgrades. Everything you need to start shooting.

- Hoyt Archery Bag that fits the bow and everything listed
- Bee Stinger Microhex Stabilizer
- Fast Eddie Spot Hogg Removable Sight With Level and Three Glowpoint Guides
- Easton Shoulder Strap Quiver for Extra Arrows
- Hoyt Removable on Bow Quiver
- Hoyt Rest
- Scott Shark Release
- 10 5mm Axis Match Grade 300 Spine Arrows
- Easton 6 Broadhead Arrow Head Case Insulated with Rubber and Locking Lid for Safety
- Draw Strength 60-70 lbs
- Draw Length 29in - 32in

Truly amazing bow. Extremely quiet with many built in rubber shock absorbers, easy to use peep sight, hair touch release. Bow has been shot under 10 times. Was sold to me by a friend who worked at a local archery shop / range. You could not ask for more. Over $2000.00 was put into this custom bow.

I have plenty of pictures to anyone interested. Text is the quickest way to reach me. (210)-422-9979 my name is Kenneth. local pick up only.

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