2019 Mission Switch - LH

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Tue, 10/13/2020 - 11:28
$549 OBO
Hand Position: 
Left Handed




Mission Switch


Bow Weight:

3.84 lbs



For sale:
2019 Mission Switch Compound Bow - Lightly Used

Bought in summer 2019, bow is currently set for ~25" draw length with ~ 30lb draw weight (bow was purchased for an ex, so numbers are approximates, do not know exact measurements).

Shot once, about 6 arrows, to sight in 20 yard pin, and has been sitting collecting dust ever since.

Bow is highly adjustable, with 11-70lb draw weight, and 18'-30' draw length, and an 80% let off. Smooth draw, and a fantastic starter bow, with a lot of potential to grow.

Bow comes with Trophy Ridge whisker biscuit and 4 pin sight, with peep installed, as well as a Tru-Fire mechanical wrist strap release aid, and Easton side quiver, as well as 6 arrows cut to length for current draw length (only suitable for up to 30lb draw weight).

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