Cabela'™s Interceptor XP BY PARKER

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Mon, 04/15/2019 - 09:42
$395 OBO
Hand Position: 
Right Handed



Draw Weight:

60-70 lbs.

Draw Length:


Cabela's Outfitter Series Interceptor XP bow is a sleek hunting rig. The Interceptor XP features a 7.62-inch brace height, ARC cams said to produce IBO speeds of 310 fps, and is 32.5 inches from axle-to-axle.
In addition to those features the Interceptor also boasts a handcrafted walnut grip for consistent shots, LimbSavers Dampening accessories for an ultra quiet performance, and Cabela's Seclusion 3D camouflage pattern to ensure every part of your hunting setup blends well into the environment.
Game Winner Bow Case With Long Zipper Pocket On Side to store extra Accessories.
Seal Tite String Wax, 4 Hunting Arrows, 4 Target Arrows, 1 Mechanical Release, Quiver, 4 Nocks, 5 Bullet Points, Combo
Points 6 - long - 6 - medium 6 - short, 3 Hunting points, 2 Mechanical points, and 1 Fishing point. Also contains Parker manual.

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