Excalibur Equinox

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Mon, 04/15/2019 - 12:05
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Excalibur Equinox Crossbow plus Extras

1) TriggerTech (single stage) after market trigger. This makes this crossbow shoot like a fine rifle. I think it is set at about 3 lbs.The original trigger is included as a back-up.

2) Brand new set of extra limbs. After acquiring the bow, Inoticed a defect in one of the limbs and contacted Excalibur customer service.They made some suggestions how to possibly fix the problem (a very small splinter)and sent me a new set of limbs. I did what they said and continued to use thebow. The original set is still in the bow after hundreds of shots and things are still good. I still have the extra set of limbs to go with the bow. Change the limbs out, if you want and keep the old limbs as extras.

3) Scope (Excalibur Varizone) is like new as it is the original scope that came with the bow.

4) Silencing wrap. I wrapped the limbs with camo wrap(called vet-wrap) tape to help silence the bow and have included two rolls toretape the limbs/stock when the buyer gets the bow after the auction. I removed the tape on the limbs you see in the pictures to inspect the limbs prior to sale.

5) Three arrows. I shot 125 grain points with 110 brass inserts in a Black Eagle Executioner arrow shaft with lighted nock. Arrow wt approx. 475 grains. The arrows included do not have lighted nocks.

6) A new string was just put on the bow with cat whiskers. It is the 1994 Excel string.

7) The foot stirrup is wrapped with camo tape and the bumps are old baby bumpers. This set up seems to help quiet vibration.

8) A new set of speed cushions is included with the bow. I took the original cushions off (they are also included) and used the bow that way. If you want to use them, you will have a new set to put on.

9) The bow quiver and a bracket to attach the quiver to the crossbow are included.

10) Excalibur Crossbow cocking device/string with T handles.Used in good shape.

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