Used Mathews Solo Cam DXT 28.5 Draw/ 70lbs pull

Last Updated:

Sat, 02/09/2019 - 18:15
Hand Position: 
Right Handed






Bow Weight:

3.90 lbs



Draw Weight:


Draw Length:


Used Mathews Solo Cam DXT. Basically brand new with less then 100 shots on it. Set at 28.5 inch draw length and 70lbs pull back. Comes ready to shoot. Includes a TruGlo single pin sight, a QAD LD pro series drop away rest, 2 limb saver limb dampers, a limb saver stabilizer, 7 goldtip XT Hunter 5575 arrows that were just newly fletched with NAP quick fletch hell fires, a brand new redhead release, and a Primos string protector case with shoulder strap to carry like a gun. Has peep sight and kisser. Ready to take in woods immediately. Does not come with quiver, field points, nor broadheads. This bow is in great condition and very well taken care of. Perfect for someone wanting to get into bow hunting and not wanting to spend their entire savings. This bow will last you a long time as it has minimum use.

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